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Great party bags for your Hen party

Here at Rubyz we offer a party bag service where we arrange for all the hens to have a party bag and a table decoration. Gift bags are a lovely way to say thanks to your friends and family who attended your party but you don’t have to buy them from us. You can put them together yourself and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

You can make them as cheap or expensive as you like. The main thing is to make them personal to you or your theme.

Here are a few ideas on what can go inside!

First you should pick theme or style of the party bags you’d like to give you hens. Some of the best bags we have seen at Rubyz are

The morning after the night before bag

They had painkillers, a bottle of water (or can of water save on that single use plastic), an energy bar, eye mask, lip balm and foot cream.

Beauty Bags

With face masks, make up, make up brushes, nail files and hand cream.

Classic Hen Bags

Head boppers, willy straws and glow sticks, dare cards, badges and retro sweets.

These ideas are all are very affordable, so are a good choice if you have a large number attending the hen party or if you’ve chosen to spend your budget elsewhere.

To make these gift bags a little more special and go that extra step with personalised items like badges and T shirts, they are a really fabulous way of breaking the ice and to get the laughs going from the get go. Personalised items are amazing if you are hitting a Hen party town like Bournemouth, Brighton or Bath, having arranged activities weekends or having a girly night out!

Some other novel ideas are water tattoos bracelets, or if you have the budget matching, PJ's and slippers.

I hope this blog will have given you an idea for your hen’s party bags. If you are still stuck then let us know in the comments below and we will come up with some ideas for you!

Good luck and have a fabulous hen party!

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