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My Drag Life. (Part one) The first time.

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

As a straight man I never thought I would ever have become a drag queen at Bournemouth's premier drag comedy club. As you all know now I own Rubyz and that I am one of the main performers at the best drag club in bournemouth, surrounded by the amazing award winning cast and crew. For all of us there has to be a first time for everything no matter what your doing. As a drag queen It all started for me about five years ago. At that time I didn't own Rubyz, I was just a singer in the Rubyz show. I worked for the drag queen who ran Rubyz and my involvement was as a straight singer hired in to sing a few songs and be the butt of the jokes. I didn't mind this as it was great fun. Unfortunately one week the old queen "fell ill" and was unable to perform her act. As she was the only drag in the show. (I don't know why! As now we have at least two drag queens on every show and have a pool of five that we can call on at any time to entertain you lovely people.) The rest of the crew said that I would have to step up and stand in for the once great queen. With more that a little trepidation I agreed to do it. The first thing I had to do was choose a name. Some of the crew called me the silver fox because of my grey hair so Foxy de Silver had a name. Having worked with the old queen for over two years I knew her act inside out! As it never changed in all the time I worked for her. I could probably still do Her show line for line now if I had to. Abba or Grease!!! The s.o.s. show we would called it.

Well the night of the show came and to say I was frightened is an understatement. I was shitting myself!! We had a room full of Hen Parties and a Birthday party all waiting to be entertained. Luckily I have a great friend who is also a fabulous drag queen and an all round performer called Diamond Lee. She agreed to come and help me. Well we had a ball!! The Hens loved us. I have never looked back I would go as far as to say it has changed my life forever. A few months later the old queen sold me the name "Rubyz" at a knock down price as it had been run into the ground and was very much unloved.

I am still working with Diamond Lee and now every weekend with another amazing drag queen Sally Monella. The three of us have great fun. We are also training up a few other new girls to join our award winning team. We love what we do and we have all worked incredibly hard to rebuild this once iconic brand. Unlike before our shows are always fresh and we try to mix it up as much as we can. In fact since the time we have been running this amazing comedy club in Bournemouth we have never had to repeat one of our shows (Other than on request.).

Foxy on stage at the award winning Rubyz Cabaret comedy club Bournemouth
Foxy On Stage At Rubyz

We are going to keep going and hopefully 2019 will be another great year For Rubyz and The Hotel Celebrity.

Well that is me for now. I will try and blog again soon.

I look forward to seeing you all at Rubyz Cabaret Comedy Club.

Love and Hugs,

Foxy xx

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