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Time to write a new show

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Hi guys.

With Christmas winging it's way rapidly towards us, it's time for everyone here at rubyz to start thinking about a new show. I know if you've ever been to see a Rubyz night you'll say to yourself "You plan this stuff?" Yes it is true that a lot of what you see on the night is of the cuff and improvised but we do need a starting point.

Poster for the 2018 Christmas show at Rubyz Cabaret Ltd
Cinders A Fella poster

We need music and costumes, oh and props. I can still remember my trip to the sex shop in Southampton to buy a dildo. I covered it in glitter and mounted it in a bell jar for The Beauty and the Beast show we did a few years ago. The man in the shop said "you're going to cover it in glitter!!!! Wont that be painful" as his face was curling up with disgust, "Just the thought of it is enough to make you wince." You would think that someone who works in a sex shop would be more open minded.

This years show is Cinders a fella. A tale of a young man who wants to be a Drag Queen but his evil step mother wont let him. As in all good stories the fairy drag mother appears and magics up a costume for poor cinders. She gets Cinders free entry to "The Palace" a local Gay bar and drag queen hang out. There she meets Prince Charming a local drag king who's act is a Adam Ant tribute (Get it? Prince Charming). At the palace the gang help Cinders become a Drag Queen and fend of the evil step mother who is so evil she still uses plastic straws. In the end Cinders is a true Drag Queen and it turns out the step mother is a tranny called Kevin.

Well thats the plot now but it will probably change between now and show time.

Well I'm going to say goodbye for today and make a start on the music for the show.

If you have any ideas for shows or movies that you would like to be given the rubyz twist please comment below. We are always looking for good story lines. Gags and songs again leave them in the comments.

Bye for now

Foxy xx

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